Optimizing pharmacy operations and enhancing patient relationships.


Patient-Centric Programs.

Our products and relationships empower healthcare stakeholders with an extensive tool set. We deliver programs with measurable results, targeting the right patient at the right time. Program measurement provides valuable data for ROI analysis and impact assessment. Our goal is to enhance the pharmacist-patient interaction and elevate the pharmacist’s role in patient care.

Why Choose Us.

Product Recommendations

Do you have a product that provides synergistic benefits to a prescription medication or is there a target patient population that would benefit from your product? Consider a regular 8.5 x 11 page as your canvas. The focus is on education and the content can be customized to include pictures, coupons and more.

Patient Education

Looking for patient-friendly medication information? Our customizable 8.5 x 11 page provides educational content, including visuals and coupons. Tailored to each patient, it can be given in one or multiple visits, supporting disease management. Start the medication experience right with clear and concise information.

Patient Assessment

Looking for a product recommendation for disease/risk management? Consider medication options that enhance adherence and ease of use. Pharmacists can guide patients towards medications with fewer doses, multiple active ingredients, or easier administration. Leverage the pharmacist’s expertise to implement these conversations and demonstrate their value.

Registration Programs

Create a patient registry for targeted demographics or specific medications. Our registration programs inform patients of benefits, gain informed consent, and collect information in a privacy compliant manner. Access Point™ ACE automates patient communications and fulfills program requirements as outlined in patient consent.

Therapeutic Guidelines

Need pharmacist intervention for product dose/frequency changes? Inform patients of indication changes? Seeking payer-pharmacist communication for therapeutic category management or authorization forms? Community pharmacists excel at medication management and welcome tools to streamline payer requirements efficiently.

Custom Programs

If we haven’t provided a solution that exactly meets your needs, we can build your requirements in a timely fashion. We boast an agile development environment with the ability to produce new functionality in support of program needs with a speed to market philosophy.

Our Approach.

Each patient-centric program is a custom solution that creates value with each patient-pharmacist intervention. Automation in support of each program is supported by Access Point™ Consultant and/or Access Point™ ACE . Our Resources facility is ideal for posting pharmacist reference materials or continuing education specific to each program, as well as in-store reports that may include required follow-up with each patient.

Professional Services Modules.

Access Point™ Consultant works with your existing hardware and other logistics as it remains on existing terminals to support your workflow, requiring no incremental capital or network investment. Consultant includes additional features in support of professional service interventions such as…

Patient View. A specific patient can be searched and their patient view presented including a:
  • $Medication Profile tab with additional comments added from completing a Medication Review service. By medication, the status of Adherence, Lapsed and/or Synched is identified.
  • $Lifestyle tab with additional comments added from a completing a Medication Review service and which will automatically prompt additional services based on available information. Additional input can be added as needed.
  • $Care Plan tab ideal for documenting lifestyle- and medication-related issues requiring on-going counselling effort. It supports the pharmacist to efficiently document an action plan for each patient, including goals of therapy, monitoring parameters and a follow-up plan. This facility also automatically prompts or prints follow-up with each patient.
  • $Action buttons. Depending on the modules activated in your store, your one click away for an Adherence or Medication Synchronization summary.

Calendar Facility. This allows the creation of calendar entries to support the next Medication Synchronization appointment, Smoking Cessation counselling, post prescribing and other patient follow-ups as required.

Patient Profile Sorting. You can devise lists by patient name, program type, date ranges, open or completed interventions and move information to customize each list as required.

All modules have been developed through an extensive review of each province’s scope of practice regulations. We use automation to:

  • $Automatically identify eligible patients;
  • $Auto-fill capabilities to efficiently document interventions based on regulatory requirements;
  • $Carry forward all prior documentation to ensure continuity of care and avoid duplicate documentation;
  • $Guide audit compliance through the use of mandatory fields Support the billing of each intervention so no fees are ever lost or missed;
  • $Provide Cash PINs to support billing of services that are not provincially reimbursed Schedule appointments and patient follow-up;
  • $Store documentation as part of the patient’s electronic health record; Track professional services interventions via in-store reporting;
  • $Provide clear and professional documentation highlighting the role of the pharmacist.

Medication Review

Automated annual reviews and follow-ups, e-documentation, customizable MD faxes, and automated provincial billing. Additional features include dynamic documentation panels, pre-filled forms, and on-going patient counselling. To maximize reimbursement, cash PINs can be introduced to automate billing.

Medication Synchronization

Access Point™ Consultant identifies eligible patients and synchronizes their medication profile for chronic medication alignment. Features include a sync calculator, communication materials, automated appointment management, and in-store reports.

Injection Administration

Access Point™ Consultant alerts for eligible patients for injectable medication administration. System offers prefilled documentation panel and e-documentation to capture required information, including Injection Administration Record. Billing is automated for provincial reimbursement and fee-for-service in some provinces. All functions available ON DEMAND.

Influenza Vaccine Administration

Automated PIN/DIN prompts and e-documentation facility simplify administrative service compliance. Prefilled forms record patient information and next flu vaccine due details. Completing the documentation panel retains a permanent record and creates a custom follow-up list. The Injection Administration Record documents service for pharmacy and patient. Provincial billing is automated to ensure reimbursement is never missed.

Smoking Cessation

For provinces where the service is reimbursed, the module automatically provides required documents and optimizes follow-up. As a fee-for-service module, it also documents smoking cessation counseling, with pre-filled forms and support materials. Physician notification and follow-up assessment forms are available.

Minor Ailments

This module offers dynamic panels aligned with Saskatchewan minor ailment algorithms. Based on pharmacist input, the panels guide service continuation or referral to primary care. It includes pre-filled assessment and physician notification forms, and automated billing in Saskatchewan. It can also serve as a fee-for-service module in provinces without public funding.

Pharmacist Prescribing

This module automates identification of patients requiring additional or optimized medications. Facilitates pharmacist prescribing activities (initiating, adapting, renewing), and provides documentation including prescribing record, physician notification, and patient prescription. Provincial billing is automated.

Pharmaceutical / Pharmacist’s Opinion

Automated capabilities include the identification of patients that may require additional medications or who may not be utilizing their medications optimally. This module provides the ability to easily document drug therapy problems and make a recommendation to the prescribing physician. Available documentation includes provincially required forms. Provincial billing is automated in to ensure reimbursement for these services are never lost or missed.

Pharmacist Health Coaching - Cardiovascular Program

Automated and ON DEMAND capabilities provide the pharmacist with the ability to efficiently document this cognitive service, which focuses on cardiovascular health and offers blood pressure and cholesterol management to patients. Required forms are pre-filled and the billing claim is automatically generated to ensure no claims are ever missed. Patient progress is automatically tracked in order to maximize patient follow-up opportunities.

Adherence Modules.

Adherence Monitoring and Notification – Chronic Medications

Automated non-adherence monitoring prompts printing of Adherence Assessment Tool or provincial documentation for Medication Review Follow-ups. Customized reporting and compliance packaging recommendations are also available, along with a one-page feature sheet for pharmacist-patient discussions.

Adherence Monitoring and Notification – Vaccines

Access Point™ Consultant uses the Automated Communications Engine to send vaccine reminders to patients. It can also provide automatic notifications for the next fill of a vaccine and facilitate administration. Vaccine recommendations for specific patient populations are available. The Injection Administration module can handle all regulatory documentation.

Medication Synchronization

Access Point™ Consultant provides automated capabilities to identify patients best suited for this service and facilitates alignment of chronic medications by synchronizing the patient’s medication profile. Program tools include a sync calculator, patient and physician communication materials, an automated Add Appointment panel to manage subsequent patient appointments and in-store performance reports.