Optimizing pharmacy operations and enhancing patient relationships.


Empowering Pharmacists, Enhancing Patient Care – PASI: Your Partner in Innovative Pharmacy Solutions.

At Pharmacy Access Solutions Inc. (PASI), we empower pharmacists with innovative tools, leveraging automation to deliver timely, personalized patient care. Our cutting-edge products, Access Point™ Consultant and Automated Communications Engine (ACE), seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, reducing administrative burdens and focusing on patient health. Through synergistic alliances with pharmacy management systems, we facilitate adherence, disease management, and patient-centric interventions. With Access Point™ Reports, we offer comprehensive performance metrics, ensuring measurable outcomes. At PASI, we foster collaborative partnerships, enhancing the pharmacist-patient relationship while driving value for all stakeholders.

Our products leverage automation to deliver timely interventions for each patient.

For Pharmacists

We advocate for your unique skills, streamline regulatory requirements, and facilitate effective communication, unifying efficiency and care.

For Pharmacies

Optimizing pharmacy operations, enhancing patient relations, and bolstering revenue generation.


For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Empowering collaborative healthcare via practical, measurable patient-centric programs.

For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Providing a middleware solution in support of pharmacist communication to allied heath care professionals and related stakeholders.

Pharmacy Access Solutions Inc. (PASI): Innovative Products for Efficient Patient Care.

Pharmacists are key players in patient health counseling, and PASI provides products that leverage automation to deliver personalized care. The products seamlessly integrate into pharmacy workflows, reduce administrative burdens, and provide efficient patient care.


Facilitates adherence, disease management


Fits into pharmacy workflows


Access Point Reports measure performance


Enhances pharmacist-patient relationship


Provides solutions for various stakeholders


Fosters collaborative partnerships.