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Our Suite of Smart Technology Solutions Enable Workflow.

Our suite of smart technology solutions enable workflow by supporting real time delivery of patient-centric programs and professional services as part of existing pharmacy workflow.

Our products include Access Point™ Consultant which works locally with the pharmacy’s dispensing system and provides an expansive tool set which allows pharmacists to seamlessly integrate professional services and other revenue-generating programs into existing pharmacy workflow. Access Point™ Consultant works with your existing hardware and infrastructure, requiring no incremental capital investment. As a centralized, cloud-based solution, Consultant provides a network for chain and banner environments, with the ability to centrally deploy programs and new releases, despite varied dispensing systems.

Our Automated Communications Engine, Access Point™ (ACE) is capable of supporting one and two-way Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR), Email and SMS follow-up with each patient.

Performance and outcomes measurement are supported through Access Point™ Reports. This product provides robust reporting capabilities for the purposes of research, advocacy, and measuring patient health outcomes, such as adherence.

Access Point™ Consultant.

Access Point™ Consultant is a smart technology that provides a standardized point of access to multiple professional service modules and patient-centric programs that are fully customizable. It is integrated with a number of dispensing systems and facilitates real time eligible patient notification and completion of e-documentation for each patient intervention.

Access Point™ Consultant features an easy to navigate design and robust search capabilities. This includes facilities which clearly present patient interventions, resources, and calendar functionality to help each pharmacy organize patient information, intervention management, and follow-up opportunities.

In addition, our PATIENT VIEW functionality provides a holistic view of each patient, including open and completed interventions, lifestyle information, a medication profile, along with the ability to document ongoing follow-up for each patient using our Care Plan facility.

Automation consistent with modules supported by Consultant includes:

    • $Real time automated identification of eligible patients based on provincial criteria. Printing or e-documentation is actioned when needed.
    • $Pre-population of over 75% of patient and other required information in regulatory compliant forms for most modules.
    • $Provision of an e-documentation facility which provides guidance on mandatory fields and automatically saves completed forms electronically.
    • $Carry forward of documentation to subsequent interventions saving documentation time and supporting continuity of care.
    • $Creation of electronic billing claims in the dispensing system for professional services with appropriate provincial PINs and SIG requirements.
    • $Auto prompting or printing functionality for follow up reminders.
    • $Reporting capabilities to facilitate program measurement and advocacy.
    • And ON DEMAND capabilities are always available as you need them!

    Access Point™ Automated Communications Engine.

    ACE, enables an end-to-end patient communications network capable of reaching out to each patient in a timely and customized manner. We employ one and two-way Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Email, as well as text messaging (SMS) to automatically remind, prompt, interact with and/or educate patients providing a comprehensive approach to managing patient health. This technology enables a flexible means to continue the pharmacist-patient dialogue as part of:

    • $Refill reminders
    • $Adherence programs
    • $Customized patient education messaging
    • $Patient surveys
    • $Provision of promotional materials
    • $Refill reminders
    • $Consumption reminders
    • $Expiry reminders
    • And so much more...

    Access Point™ Reports.

    Our smart technology is designed in a manner that allows complete measurability for the purposes of research, advocacy, ROI analyses and measuring patient health outcomes. Access Point™ Reports provides robust reporting capabilities and can be customized to include:

    • $Number of opportunities.
    • $Pharmacy staff actions such as printing, documenting, declining program materials and/or opportunities.
    • $Patient outcomes such as persistence, adherence, duration of therapy, changes in therapy and/or answers to survey questions.
    • $Rx value for patients who have completed interventions.
    • $Aggregate patient demographic information and/or patient by payer type.
    • $Fulfillment status from the Access Point™ Automated Communications Engine or mail fulfillment as required.
    • $Performance by service, staff member, etc.
    • And so much more...

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